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Logistics pioneer visits Grimsby

By: David Howells
18 March 2011

Logistics pioneer Sir Neville Bowman-Shaw paid a visit to Grimsby to promote the UK industry to his Chinese peers.

Sir Bowman-Shaw was one of the early pioneers of lifting machinery by founding Lancer Boss, which was at the forefront of the development of the forklift in the 1950s. He is now a chairman of the UK arm of Chinese manufacturing company Hancha and his visit was to promote Britain's transport industry and hail the dedicated work of the people in driving jobs.

In speaking to This is Grimsby of the reason for his visit and of the work done in the town, Sir Bowman-Shaw said, "This was a great opportunity for us to encourage them to demonstrate the strength of their systems and practises to our other dealers in the UK.

"All of us would be interested to see the depth of the services they go to. I think it's very good."

Sir Bowman-Shaw was joined during the visit by logistics manager Jenny Zhang who added, "We are very pleased with what we have seen. We are proud to see how hardworking the dealers are and the great contribution they provide in a tough market."

The visit was seen to affirm Grimsby as a town at the heart of the logistics industry and encourage companies to work together to create better vehicles and machinery.

They spoke of a vehicle that would work in the extreme temperatures of the city's coldstores, as well as a new three-wheeled forklift truck.

Sir Bowman-Shaw told that the new forklift "is destined to be a world health and safety leader, ideal for semi-skilled operators. Innovative design, combined with carefully-sourced components means that this new range offers compactness, strength and intelligence."

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