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Logistics firm plunges £9.5 million into development

By: David Howells
04 April 2011

A logistics firm from Widnes near Liverpool is set to invest £9.5 million in isotanks.

The Suttons Group has invested the money to keep up to date with the demand for its specialist service, in a move that could see the firm create more driving jobs.

Isotanks are large scale containers that allow companies to transport liquids, gases, foods and chemicals both easily and securely. The company has ordered six-hundred, with the first batch due to arrive in May, after undergoing the manufacturing process in China and South Africa.

Suttons has invested £20 million in the procurement of isotanks in the last two years alone; which has seen the size of its fleet double - making the business a specialist in transporting liquids and chemicals around the world.

Group managing director of Suttons, Andrew Palmer, spoke of the firm's growth strategy - which included investing in the isotanks, He told the Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News: "The international division continues to grow and we have seen significant growth in some of our key markets."

The UK-based group also has divisions in Antwerp, Essen, Houston, Kuantan, Le Havre, New Jersey, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. Whilst Palmer acknowledged that the economy was still uncertain, he also said that the investment was the right move.

Speaking to Insider Media, Palmer confirmed: "These are challenging times but we remain confident about our performance and ability to continue delivering a safe, reliable service for our customers."

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