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Logistics experts offer Olympic advice

By: Ashley Curtis
17 January 2012

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has taken steps to help those involved in logistics work during the Olympic games, reports Fresh Business Thinking.

BIFA has constructed a dedicated area on its website to offer driving and logistics advice with regards to the staging of the Games, which takes place throughout the UK this summer.

The area will attempt to offer information to logistics firms, such as dampening disruption to cargo collection and making sure cargo is delivered on time, alongside other delivery activities.

In addition, the dedicated section will include a number of news articles and downloads for logistics firms.

Peter Quantrill, BIFA Director General, commented on the scheme to "While the sporting efforts of the athletes from around the world who are taking the challenges of both the Olympic and Paralympic games will rightly take centre stage, equally vital will be the work of those who in the freight industry supply the stadia and wider community during the weeks of the competitions.

"I would invite all those involved in the UK supply chain during the period of the Olympics to keep returning to this section of our website to keep abreast of relevant news downloads to help reduce or resolve any logistics problems likely to arise from these events."

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