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Logistics continues to drive recruitment growth

By: David Howells
12 August 2011

Transport and logistics has remained the strongest industry for job growth in the UK.

According to research compiled by an independent recruitment business, the UK job market as a whole grew by 9 per cent on the figures for 2010. Of all the industries measured, transport, mail and logistics saw the highest growth, registering a total of 36 per cent as more driving jobs come onto the market.

Other industries doing well include production, manufacture and maintenance (rising by 35 per cent) as well as engineering, which grew by 33 per cent.

Not faring so well, however, were the banking, finance and insurance sectors, which were down six per cent on 2010's figures, though worst was public sector, defence and community, which saw a decline of 15 per cent.

Head of the study Michael Gentle told "The index shows recruitment trends steadily improving across the UK.

"This coincides with recent upward trends in industrial new orders, as reported by Eurostat and likewise, the ONS Index of Services recently reported rises in distribution and transport."

Concluding, Gentle told "Trends in the index continue to remain more favourable than a year ago."

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