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Knights of Old merges with Mainland Group

By: David Howells
05 December 2011

Knights of Old and the Mainland Group have announced they are to join forces to create a new large-scale UK business, reports.

The newly-christened 'The Knights of Old Group' will boast 200,000 square feet of warehousing; as well as 400 staff members and a total of 200 trucks.

Whilst the two look set to remain operating on individual levels for the time being, the firms will integrate their business units during 2012 - although they have not yet set an exact date. The merger is set to see the groups look into hiring drivers, with their more established position affording more scope for sustainability and expansion.

Speaking after the deal was signed, the firms said they would continue to offer existing clients the service they had previously, as well as introducing a number of new opportunities for the business as a whole.

"It is our intention to offer a wider and more substantial portfolio to the group's client base by seeking integration opportunities during 2012," managing director of Knights of Old, Ian Beattie, told of future plans.

"The group will be better placed for growth and progression in what is a very competitive market. We have combined resources such as knowledge, equipment and facilities which will help the group reach the next level."

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