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Invest in winter tyres

By: Deborah Bates
23 September 2011

Those managing a logistics consultancy should think about upgrading their tyres to specialist winter ones sooner rather than later.

According to What Car? magazine, now is the time to invest; helping to avoid some of the major delays seen throughout the heavy snowfall of winter 2010.

Not only do winter tyres help a commercial vehicle get about more easily, they also provide "huge safety benefits", the magazine said.

What Car?'s editor in chief, Chris Hallett, spoke to about the advice, stating: "Winter tyres make for much safe winter driving, so we would encourage all motorists to change their tyres in the colder months.

"Used in this way, a set of winter tyres will last motorists several years," he added, which should reassure those using the tyres on commercial vehicles that they won't have to replace them come winter 2012.

He wasn't the only person to make this recommendation, as representatives of TyreSafe - a tyre manufacturer - explained why winter tyres are so important.

Speaking to, they explained how this type of tire can provide "improved performance throughout the darker months." Furthermore, chief executive Stuart Jackson said that anyone - be it a member of the general public or a driving professional - who is at all worried about safety during the winter should definitely invest.

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