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Increase in drivers running out of high-priced fuel

By: Richard Towey
20 March 2012

A report by the RAC has shown a 20 per cent rise in people calling the company to be rescued because they'd run out of petrol, reports.

The announcement comes as protests against a rise in fuel prices, led by FairFuelUK, are starting to step up, with another three-pence increase set to be implemented in August; possibly affecting commuters and those with driving jobs.

The results came from 4,780 calls made to the organisation from motorists who had broken down after running their tanks on empty; the number a significant increase from the 3,900 that were recorded at the same time last year.

Talking after the results had been published, David Bizley, a technical director at the RAC, highlighted why his company and FairFuel are protesting in an interview with

Mr Bizely said: "Last week the RAC and hundreds of FairFuel UK supporters turned out in force at Parliament to demonstrate against the ever-rising cost of fuel. The planned 3p rise must be scrapped to give motorists any chance in this economic climate."

Laying the figures out, Bizely stated that since December 2008, there have been a total of six increases made to fuel duty; with a further two made to VAT.

Mr Bizely concluded: "Another rise is the last thing that motorists need. With oil prices on the rise yet again, petrol now costs 24 per cent and diesel 28 per cent more than it did in 2010. For drivers, that's an unacceptable burden."  

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