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Improved technology key to savings for logistics companies

By: Joe Elvin
27 May 2011

Logistics companies should invest in new technology in order to achieve savings, a new study has suggested.

Research from mobile solution providers M-Netics revealed that updated technology is the most desired improvement to help improve funds in the logistics industry.  

43 per cent of respondents claimed that new technology would be most the financially efficient improvement in their company, whilst 24 per cent said it would be improved change management and 20 per cent wanted to see improved communication methods.

Just 13 per cent said that additional skills was the biggest improvement needed, suggesting that driver training amongst the industry remains at a high level.

M-Netics managing director John Coon agreed that improved technology could prove extremely beneficial for logistics companies.

He told "If current technology is the greatest barrier to realising these savings, then next generation proof of delivery is all about overcoming that obstacle.

"Improving fulfilment with tools such as GPS, and then integrating and automating delivery into other business processes such as invoicing or after-sales leads to a smarter, more efficient and cost-effective logistics operation."

 According to, the study also revealed that delivery costs currently make up more than a quarter of the budget for one in five logistics companies.

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