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Hope for fuel stabiliser in approaching Budget

By: Laura Nineham
24 January 2011

The transport secretary has delivered some hope to those in driving jobs, after he put more pressure on the chancellor to give drivers a fair deal when it comes to petrol prices.

Philip Hammond added his support to The Sun's campaign to charge a fairer amount for fuel.

"Clearly there is a problem here," he said. "We've got a Budget in eight weeks. The Chancellor said at the last Budget that we're going to look at the practicality of a fair fuel stabiliser."

According to This is Money, Mr Hammond has hinted that the Budget will deliver some good for motorists and tackle the soaring cost of fuel. The website claims that he mentioned a fuel stabiliser which would see fuel duty fall to absorb rises in the price of oil, which would "smooth out the peaks and troughs in the oil price".

The Sun has launched a petition calling on the government to freeze fuel duty or bring in a fuel stabiliser. According to their website, 75,000 people had signed up by Sunday night. It's expected this number will greatly increase when the petition reaches 6,000 garage forecourts this week.

It was predicted by the AA that petrol will hit an all-time high this week, beating the previous record when petrol was charged at 133.25p per litre in 2008.

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