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Hauliers give thumbs down to Cameron's road toll plan

By: Ashley Curtis
21 March 2012

Plans to introduce tolls on new roads have been heartily rejected by a leading Haulage executive.

While prime minister David Cameron raised the idea of privatisation of new roads while making a speech at the Institute of Civil Engineering, the plans have been thoroughly rejected by Geoff Dunning, chief executive of the Road Haulage Association.

He believes that those in driving jobs will not take to the plans because many people are still trying to recover financially from previous years.

He expressed his dissatisfaction regarding the plans on "We have an economy and a workforce that is desperately trying to recover from several years of extreme hardship. To hear that there are proposals on the table to take yet more money out the pockets of motorists and hauliers is ludicrous and would do no more than put the economy back on its knees.

"While we welcome the acknowledgement that the UK road transport infrastructure needs to see major investment, we consider the proposal of introducing tolls on new roads to be quite unthinkable," he added.

Furthermore Dunning, cited by Park Logistics, suggested the government should be concentrating on rising fuel prices as they are proving to be a burden for drivers. If fuel isn't addressed, the chances of traffic levels returning to the "levels that reflect economic growth will be slim".

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