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HGV manufacturers should play a part in efficiency initiative

By: Deborah Bates
14 February 2011

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has called upon Britain's HGV manufacturers, academics and SMEs to play a part in an HDV energy efficiency initiative.

The ETI has issued request for proposals (RFPs) to the industry, in a bid to create initiatives that will increase energy efficiency in Britain by 30 per cent. It is thought the programmes will consider the technology development and systems integration surrounding HDVs - which currently account for eight per cent of Britain's CO2 emissions.

The CEO of the ETI, Dr David Clarke, spoke to about the ETI's plans.

"Given the economic, security and climate change benefits of reducing fuel consumption, there is significant opportunity for early benefits from improved vehicles," Clarke said.

"Especially as the focus of European legislation is likely to move from emissions to fuel efficiency over the period required to develop significant vehicle technology improvements."

The ETI's programmes - which have £40 million of funding behind them, reported - will ask those working within the industry how they believe they could achieve the 30 per cent efficiencies. This could include those working in a logistics consultancy, in manufacturing and many small businesses within the industry.

"There are significant opportunities to accelerate vehicle technology development through investment in a range of platform technologies, which will help enable and support vehicle and vessel system development," Clarke concluded.

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