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Green initiatives on the agenda for logistics firms

By: Ashley Curtis
10 October 2011

Logistics firms like FedEx, DHL and UPS have all been praised for their green approach to business, reports

Recent developments from these firms all show that green initiatives in the logistics industry are here to stay, as sustainability and tackling environmental problems rocket to the top of priority lists across the sector.

FedEx aims to reduce its global footprint by raising environmental awareness through "recycling and encouraging fuel efficient driving habits". Firms hiring drivers may want to adopt FedEx's new driving techniques such as gentle acceleration, flat speed and the reduction of idling times.

Jeremy Goldstritch, managing director of FedEx ground operations in Japan, commented on the initiative: "Using fuel is the nature of our business. If you have engagement and awareness from the front line to the executive level, you can make a huge difference."

Meanwhile, UPS has launched an Eco Responsible Packaging programme in order to raise awareness of the need for sustainable packaging; whilst DHL has introduced a new service called GOGREEN Carbon Dashboard, allowing customers to track the carbon emissions of their shipments.

DHL's CEO, Frank Appel, told that the firm will aim to continue looking after the environment: "Our goal again next year is to keep the impact of all our business units on the environment as minimal as possible and to continue to maintain our top ranking as a company."

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