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Green checker shows emissions during cargo trips

By: Ashley Curtis
01 September 2011

Logistics firm Damco has released its own online pollution calculator in order to allow customers to track the CO2 emissions of all cargo transport.

Handy Shipping Guide confirms the company, which deals with logistics and freight forwarding, have released the browser-based interface, which tracks all cargo shipped by ocean and air freight.

It should come as no surprise that Damco, a subsidiary of parent company Maersk, is implementing these eco-friendly initiatives as Maersk is one of the industry leaders in green schemes - highlighted by its purchase of ultra-efficient Triple E class container ships.

Greening a supply chain can reduce costs for a firm as well as reduce emissions, reports In addition, online tracking can help employers take corrective action if costs and emissions are not meeting company goals.

If costs are reduced, this could go some way to boosting logistics recruitment if the money saved is ploughed into creating new jobs for potential staff.

Erling Johns Nielsen, Damco's global head of supply chain development, hailed the new green scheme: "Our customers are faced with increasing requirements for more efficient and sustainable supply chains. Experience shows that greening your supply chain can reduce logistics cost and emissions from your inbound supply chain by up to 15 per cent.

"Online visibility of carbon emissions will enable you to take earlier corrective action if operations are not in sync with your carbon reduction and efficiency goals," he added.

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