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Government to release road-works data

By: Ashley Curtis
24 October 2011

Motorists will soon be able to see the exact location of roadworks and available car-parking spaces, as part of a new government drive to deliver additional data to the public.

The Telegraph reports the data will allow consumers to "reduce the time" of their journeys by avoiding traffic-heavy routes plagued by road-works, those in logistics work may be interested to hear.

It is hoped those involved in making smartphone apps or sat-navs will put the data to good use; integrating it within software in order to make drivers' lives easier. In addition, various cycle routes will also be released with a view to encouraging parents to take their children to school on bicycles.

Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office minister, explained the reasons behind the data release: "When we talk about open government having the power to transform the way that government and society work for the better, people wonder what it will actually mean for them in practice.

"Starting this Tuesday, the Department of Transport will publish useful raw data on road works, cycle routes and car parks, to help travellers use our transport networks better," she added, cited by

Other information set to be released by the government include "spending by civil servants on taxpayer-funded credit cards and bonuses paid to senior officials".

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