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Government names vehicles which qualify for £8,000 grant

By: David Howells
21 February 2012

Seven vans have been outlined by the government as eligible for the Plug-In Van grant, reports.

In a bid to encourage delivery firms to consider their carbon footprint, the government has outlined the grant - which would see business owners get 20 per cent of the total cost of their van, up to the sum of £8,000.

It is hoped that this financial benefit - as well as the economic savings running an eco-friendly vehicle will offer in the long-term - will encourage more van buyers to consider the green option. This money could then be put towards driver training to make for a more qualified workforce, without having to spend any extra money in the process.

The seven vehicles chosen by the government to be eligible for the grant are Daimler Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell, Azure Dynamics Transit Connect Electric, Faam's ECOMILE and JOLLY 2000, Mia-electric Mia U, Renault Kangoo ZE variants and specific versions of the Smith Electric Smith Edison.

Amongst those businesses already looking at green transport options are British Gas, which has outlined plans to add hundreds of electric vehicles to its fleet over the coming few years.

Speaking to about the company's plans, the managing director of British Gas New Markets, Gearoid Lane, explained: "With our network of engineers repairing boilers around the country we are keen to include electric vans in our own fleet, with hundreds scheduled to be introduced over the next few years."

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