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Government keen to hear ideas about logistics industry

By: Joe Elvin
20 June 2011

The government has encouraged those in driving jobs to suggest how the logistics industry could be improved.

Speaking at the Annual Logistics Conference of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), Steve Gooding from the department of transport claimed that closer engagement with industry figureheads was key to promoting economic growth.

Gooding admitted that the government would not be able to understand the real issues surrounding the logistics industry unless communications with professionals from the sector improved.

In a speech to dozens of figureheads within the industry, he encouraged staff to engage with the Logistics Growth Review in order to make their voices heard.   

Speaking to Materials Handling World Magazine, CILT chief executive Steve Agg claimed that many people in logistics work would be keen to offer an opinion on the best way to support economic growth.

He said: "Our members believe that transport spending that supports economic growth should be the key priority.

"Over 75 per cent of participating members identified 'supporting economic growth' as one of their top priorities. Clearly, our members have a lot to contribute to this discussion." reports that environmental preservation was another key topic of the conference chaired by Professor Richard Wilding at Cranfield University.

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