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Government cuts unnecessary driving red tape

By: Elizabeth Smythe
15 December 2011

142 road transport rules are to be scrapped under the government's Road Transport Red Tape Challenge, Fresh Business Thinking reports.

The Challenge sought to cut overcomplicated, unnecessary and burdensome regulations and the results will no doubt please the millions of British motorists, fleet operators and those in logistics work, making driving easier and more pleasurable in the process.

One suggestion includes examining the experience of drivers in foreign countries with regard to the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) which lorry, coach and bus drivers currently have to gain. It is suggested that some sectors could be removed.

Another change is the requirement for motorists to carry the paper part of their driving licence with them at all times. This should be abolished by 2015. 

Additionally, a limited exemption from the drivers' hours regulations will mean that those with driving careers who are Territorial Army Reservists drivers will be allowed to do so.

Commenting on the announcement, Transport Secretary, Justine Greening was quoted by "Reducing the number of rules and regulations in our life is absolutely vital to removing barriers to economic growth and increasing individual freedoms.

"This whole process just proves that there's so much sitting on our statute books that at the very least needs a good spring clean or can be scrapped entirely."

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