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Four UK transport projects selected for development by EU

By: Joe Elvin
22 February 2011

The European Commission has announced it will donate over £10 million to the development of four transport projects in the UK.

It has been revealed that Felixstowe Rail Terminal will receive a £4.2 million EU grant towards the improvement intermodal transfer and the removal of bottlenecks.

Money will also be given towards developments of Port Salford, Priority Axis 26 and various functional air space blocks throughout the UK and Ireland.

Each project is expected to take around twelve months to complete.

Over £144m (170m euros) has been spent in order to make logistics work quicker and easier throughout Europe following calls for a major revamp in European transport last year.

51 projects in 24 EU member states were recently selected for sponsorship from the trans-European network fund. The main aim of the grants is to help increase the security and safety of transport across Europe as well as the construction of missing transport links.

The EU have predicted that traffic between member states is set to double by 2020. They claim the investment required to keep up with increased travel throughout member states may reach the 500 billion euro mark within the next 10 years.

The Union states on its website that the developments would be "a key element" in fulfilling Europe's social and economic potential.

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