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Foreign hauliers to pay for using British roads

By: Laura Nineham
02 February 2011

Foreign people who will have to use British roads as part of their driving jobs will be charged up to £9 a day, according to new plans agreed by ministers.

According to The Daily Mail every one in eight drivers is foreign. The move means that instead of forking out a combined total of £300m in levies every year, they will each pay up to £9 per day.

"We are committed to a system of charging that ensures UK hauliers get a fairer deal," explained roads minister Mike Penning. He explained that the amount charged foreign drivers will be based on the size of the HGV and the amount of time spent in the country. "Charging will help make our hauliers competitive by making foreign hauliers contribute towards the upkeep of UK roads," he added.

Some drivers feel that foreign drivers unfairly benefit from existing rules because they don't have to contribute to levies and have tanks filled with cheaper fuel from the continent.

"We are thrilled," commented Kate Gibbs from the Road Haulage Association. "Foreign hauliers using cheap fuel and not paying road tax pull the rug from under our feet."

The Daily Mail explains that competition rules prevent imposing separate charges on EU citizens or companies entering Britain, so ministers are planning rebates for British drivers through cheaper road tax or VAT rebates.

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