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Fleet drivers have change of heart about electric vehicles

By: Chris Taylor
07 September 2011

A UK trial into low-carbon vehicles has improved fleet drivers' opinions of the technology, Logistics Manager reports.

The Technology Strategy Board specifically targeted people with driving jobs in its £25 million Ultra Low Carbon Vehicles Demonstration programme.

It found that drivers were more confident in an electric vehicles' capabilities over their normal cars after taking part in the trial. Their performance expectations rose by 12 per cent immediately following the test.

Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of those trialled (83 per cent) said that the electric vehicles they tested were more than adequate for their daily needs, while 95 per cent said they noticed little difference over a fossil-fuelled car.

"The fact that users did not have to alter their daily routine to integrate the vehicles into their lives shows that, where appropriate, they are already a viable form of low carbon transport," comments Iain Gray, chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board. "As such we will continue to invest in and push forward the low carbon vehicle innovation landscape."

The usage and perception data covers just under 20,000 charging events and over 110,000 individual journeys covering just under 680,000 miles, states 19 vehicle manufacturers and 340 ultra-low carbon vehicles have been used in the trial since the project began back in 2009.

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