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Fines for firms conducting unnecessary roadworks in London

By: Ashley Curtis
16 March 2012

Utility firms taking their time over road construction works will be made to pay in a bid to incentivise the completion of works during the least disruptive times.

Fresh Business Thinking reports that after successful lobbying by the Mayor, the scheme has been formally approved by the Department for Transport (DfT); allowing Transport for London (TfL) to charge firms up to £2,500 per day.

Those in driving jobs could be tooting their horns in glee as firms will have to finish up work as fast as possible in order to avoid fines, thus easing congestion on some of London's busiest routes. According to BBC News, the charges will on apply on 330km (205 miles) of roads and start from June 11.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson hailed the scheme, stating: "This is a real victory for all London road users helping us to further tackle the scourge of shoddy and badly managed roadworks.

"Lane rental is a win-win as it will not only help traffic pump smoothly around the vital arteries of our road system, but also give us for the first time the chance to penalise disruptive works where it hurts - in the wallet - using the revenues to fund further innovative ways to keep London's roads moving," he added.

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