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Few worries about introduction of longer trailers

By: Joe Elvin
15 April 2011

A number of key figures within the logistics industry have dismissed safety concerns surrounding the introduction of longer trailers.

Gathered at the 2011 Commercial Vehicle show, many logistics managers agreed that as long that there were ways around these safety issues - as long as the correct driver training was given.

The general consensus amongst these managers was that longer trailers would become extremely popular once these issues had been dealt with.

Speaking to, Search Impex director Jim Newsome said that the new trailers would be in huge demand once people were convinced about their safety.

He claimed: "Once they are visible on the road in reasonable numbers, I'm sure this will happen. If one of the bigger, more high-profile transport firms operates a longer trailer, I'm sure it will generate even more interest in a potential model."

Washtec marketing manager, Dawn Frazer, was another one of many at the convention who agreed with these statements. She said that she had few worries about her company adapting to new trailer lengths.

However, it appears that not everyone is yet to be convinced about the introduction of longer trailers onto our roads.

Phillipa Edmunds, of lobby group Freight on Rail, is one of many in the rail industry who are against the introduction of lengthier road trailers.

She told "Hauliers tend to buy the largest vehicle permitted and use it for large and small loads irrespective of the impact on road congestion and the environment."

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