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FTA vows to not rest over 4 metre height restrictions

By: David Howells
04 November 2011

A war of words has opened up over the propositions to enforce a four metre height limit on trailers, reports.

The FTA has written a letter to EU transport commissioner Siim Kallas urging him to step in and scrap plans that would limit trailers' maximum height.

In their correspondence, FTA claim that they will do all within their power to get the plans thrown out, claiming it "will not sleep" until the goal has been reached.

Currently, the UK's logistics infrastructure operates with trailers reaching a height of 4.95 metres. The new plans, insiders claim, would have a huge impact on driving work; reducing vehicle capacity and profitability, as well as adversely affect green targets set out for the industry as a whole.

As part of its operation, the FTA claims it will send letters to the secretary of state for transports and the EU transport commissioner, as well as brief MEPs on the plans before they pass through for decision. They also plan to take European commission staff on a tour of UK depots and have threatened to rally in Brussels to drum up support if the plans are not thrown out.

Speaking to, managing director of policy and communications at FTA James Hookham explained: "A future four metre height limit will have a catastrophic impact on many logistics contracts.

"FTA will not sleep until this proposal is in the bin. We must decapitate the four metre limit before it takes the top off our trailers.

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