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Essex logistics firm wins training accolade

By: David Howells
12 October 2011

An Essex-based logistics firm has won a European Transport Training Association Award for safety.

Suckling Transport, which distributes fuel around Europe, was commended on its superior driver training schemes, where the firm identifies specific learning requirements for its 150+ workers, as well as specialised training schemes for their six in-house trainer/drivers.

The Essex-based firm came top in the EuroTra Safety and Innovation Award for its performance-based training scheme which has been in place since 2009. It revolves around building drivers' skills, as well as a specialised intervention programme for on-the-job learning.

Speaking to of the accolade, managing director of Suckling Transport Peter Larner explained how safety had been the firm's top priority since it began to specialise in the distribution of fuel 25 years ago.

"Significant sales growth has now produced a company that delivers nearly two billion litres of inflammable liquid in the UK each year," he explained.

"So, safety is an integral part of the business. But, in a sector dominated by multinational logistics providers, an SME like Suckling Transport needs to stand out, and what better way to differentiate itself than through an innovative approach to road safety."

Adding, Larner told how the training scheme proved successful once the brand realised they could make it work for them.

"Our use of telematics data to highlight areas of concern has informed our training requirements," he told

"The benefits are abundantly clear from subsequent improvements to our accident frequency and severity performance, with the added bonus being a significant reduction in our insurance premiums."

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