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Ecommerce industry to grow in 2012, claims report

By: Ashley Curtis
24 February 2012

The courier industry is set to prosper by the growth of the ecommerce industry as more people turn to the internet to conduct their shopping, reports Choice Quote.

Jeremiah Johnston, president of the Internet Commerce Association (ICA), claims the internet is a flexible beast that can adapt to market conditions, ensuring that ecommerce has a part to play in the British retail market for years to come.

As a result, couriers and those in driving jobs will continue to deliver parcels and packages thanks to the thriving ecommerce scene.

Additional access points, for example through tablets and smartphones, has helped ecommerce's recent successful performance, cites My Hermes.

Mr Johnston commented: "The other part about it is even if you're an existing company - an electronics retailer for example - it's still cheaper for you to do business online than it is to have a brick and mortar store."

Johnston also admitted that the number of traditionally offline firms working their way towards online models is increasing in a bid to capture the broad, diverse demographic utilising ecommerce firms.

Simon Veale, director of Global Freight Solutions, also made some predictions for the future of commerce, arguing that mobile commerce "will fuel parcel growth and that, in turn, means home deliveries may well catch up with those destined for business customers by 2016."

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