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Drivers will spend four-and-a-half hours on road this weekend

By: David Howells
26 April 2011

Drivers throughout the UK will spend some four-and-a-half-hours on the roads this weekend, according to an insurance company, Esure.

This has prompted many experts to divulge advice to those in driving jobs regarding their fuel consumption and getting caught in huge tailbacks.

As well as the more common practices such as checking tyre pressure and reducing revs, head of marketing at Fuelcard, Colin Peters, said that driving sensibly can make a marked difference to fuel consumption too.

He told Response Source: "Constantly braking too hard, speeding up to overtake at every opportunity and driving in a fast pace means you're using up more fuel than is necessary."

"Adopting a slower pace when driving in heavy traffic and changing gears smoothly will not only conserve fuel but keep you feeling calm as well," he concluded.

With this time of year known for being dogged with miles of traffic jams all over the UK, Fuelcard also suggested ways of driving that will be beneficial to other road users but will also keep drivers feeling cool.

Sales and marketing director at Fuelcard, Jakes de Kock, told Fleet Directory that all drivers need to do to avoid stress on the road is simply take their time and slow down a little.

He said: "Encountering high volumes of traffic and congestion can put the driver under pressure, resulting in defensive driving techniques which can not only be dangerous but actually increase fuel consumption by as much as 40 per cent."

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