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Drivers to be asked to become organ donors

By: Elizabeth Smythe
02 August 2011

Those applying for a driving licence will now have to decide whether to not they wish to join the organ donor register, reports The Guardian.

The requirement has been announced by the department of health, in a bid to increase the number of donors in the UK.

It's not yet clear whether this will apply to licence renewals, which could affect those in driving work

Now, when completing an application via the internet, motorists will be asked to tick one of three statements pertaining to whether or not they wish to donate organs.

Applicants will be asked to choose between signing up immediately, confirming they are already on the donor register or requesting to think about it at another time.

The question was included in the previous application process, but many people missed it. A review in 2008 concluded that, to boost numbers, individuals needed to be given optimum opportunity to sign up.

Commenting on the announcement, public health minister, Anne Milton told Sky News: "Being an organ donor is a truly selfless act and a life saving gift to someone in need.

"We want to make it easier for people to sign up to the Organ Donor Register when they apply for their driving licence and encourage everyone to discuss their organ donation wishes with their loved ones."

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