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Drivers should buy winter tyres now

By: Elizabeth Smythe
14 September 2011

Motor industry experts are urging drivers to purchase their winter tyres early, ahead of the change in seasons.

According to, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is recommending that British motorists prepare for the cold weather and buy their winter wheels before everyone else does.

Although it may seen a little early to dispense such advice, already the country is experiencing torrents of rain, wind and a drop in temperatures.

While not suitable for year-round use, the tyres help vehicles grip the road better in icy conditions, providing those with driving work or who drive simply for pleasure with extra confidence when travelling in snowy conditions.

In addition to the more suitable, robust tread, winter tyres also remain flexible at low temperatures due to the type of rubber they are made from. Normal tyres can harden and crack.

Chief IAM examiner, Peter Rodger, highlighted how the last two years have been especially treacherous, causing numerous problems for road users.

"The weather we experience in the UK is nowhere near as severe as many other countries, but with the past two winters having been particularly bad, motorists in the hardest-hit areas may feel reassured to have the extra grip winter tyres afford," he told TRL.

However, Mr Rodger added that should driving conditions prove exceptionally bad, drivers should postpone their journey and never take any risks.

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