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Drivers should benefit from the M56 improvements

By: Deborah Bates
29 November 2010

The Highway Agency's Improvement Scheme should benefit drivers using Junction 7 of the M56, reports

After four and a half months of planning, the M56 campaign kicked off last week, making life easier for those working in driving jobs with the restoration of the two running lanes over the Bowdon View Bridge and across the slip road. The work, due for completion by March 2011, should see three lanes restored at the eastbound carriageway, and a portion of the hard shoulder going westbound transformed into a slip road leading onto the new bridge.

The aim of the work is to increase the capacity of the area, and reduce the heavy congestion often experienced. A spokesperson for the Highway Agency said "Remodelling the westbound carriageway will provide a significant increase in capacity ahead of the junction and will reduce congestion for drivers - especially those simply travelling past Junction 7. The work will also restore two lanes across the bridge."

"To do all this we will need about three overnight closures, but we will avoid lane closures wherever possible. We also need to install four large sign gantries across the main carriageway, but to avoid further overnight closures, we are planning to do that by using very quick rolling road blocks - minimising inconvenience to motorway users."

According to, the Highways Agency are pleased with the outcome of the new bridge, and are confident the new adjustments to the structure will be of benefit to drivers.

"The next phase is to carry out improvements to M56 Junction 7. We will be undertaking works from November to improve journeys on this sector of our network by creating additional capacity and improving signage,'' the Agency commented.

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