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Drivers could face loss of earnings due to Royal Wedding

By: Deborah Bates
07 January 2011

The Metropolitan Police are planning to shut roads throughout central London for up to three days, allowing them to check the safety of the route to be taken by Kate Middleton and guests on her wedding day later this year.

This check is particularly important given the recent incident during the tuition fee riots, which saw Camilla and Prince Charles attacked in their Rolls Royce Phantom VI. It has not yet been confirmed if Kate Middleton will also travel in this car, only that she will definitely be transported in a state vehicle, reports The Daily Express.

Working in partnership with a range of bodies - including Westminster Council, Clarence House, Royal Parks Agency and Transport for London - the police force will also shut the area down on April 29th, the date of the wedding, to ensure all parties involved can travel safely, without hassle.

However this will mean those involved in important logistics work could potentially face a loss of earnings for around four days this year, which could affect those working in logistics companies jobs.

"It is too early to confirm how many days the road will be shut for," claimed a Westminster Council representative, although the source also added that the current estimate stood at three days for the check, with an additional day for the wedding. Areas other than central Westminster are likely to be closed include Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square and the surrounding suburbs of Victoria train and coach stations, according to This is London.


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