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Drivers could be rewarded for driving within the speed limit

By: Hannah McLaverty-Williamson
20 January 2011

Motorists that drive within the legal speed limit could receive financial rewards, under plans proposed by Labour.

Maria Eagle the shadow transport secretary, has proposed using the country's average speed cameras to provide incentives for drivers to observe the law.

In an interview with The Telegraph Ms Eagle revealed she is preparing a radical overhaul of the Labour party's motoring strategy. Labour hopes the policy will improve its reputation among drivers and those in driving jobs, who previously accused the party of "waging war on the motorist" while they were in Government.

Whilst in Government, the party proposed a pay as you drive charge, which triggered backlash among drivers with 1.8 million people signing a Downing Street petition against the idea, Ms Eagle made it clear the party was not planning to resurrect their previous plans.

"By the end I think there was a perception among motorists that we were not their friends. The perception was that we were about soaking them for money. It was felt that cameras were about catching them on the hop and fining them  rather than a road safety arrangement."

As reported by TRL News, Ms Eagle added that rewarding good behaviour may be better psychology than attempting to punish bad practice. Drivers who obey the speed limit could have money off renewing their tax disk, along with the possibility of removing points from their driving licence.

The Department for Transport recently announced that it plans to make the information collected by speed cameras more transparent, with local authorities and police forces requested to publish data to the public.

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