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Deliveries could be further delayed by future snow, forecasters warn

By: Laura Nineham
06 December 2010

Weather forecasters are warning that plunging temperatures and more snow could cause three weeks of delivery chaos.

The threat to logistics work comes at one of the busiest times of year, with many people turning to online shopping to beat the crowds in store.

According to The Daily Mail, British shoppers are expected to spend a massive £633 million on online purchases today, but backlogs in deliveries caused by last week's treacherous conditions have already caused some deliveries to be put back. With weather warnings still being issued for the north of the country, it is expected this backlog will get even worse.

In response to the weather, the Royal Mail suspended its guaranteed next day deliver service and Amazon warned customers they could see a two day delay on their deliveries.

Stephen Davenport, forecaster for MeteoGroup said: "It was another very cold night and it has been well below freezing almost everywhere. Even London was close to minus 3°C - it reached minus 2.8°C in St James' Park."

"Only the Isles of Scilly and the far south-west of Cornwall stayed above freezing," he added. "It's been so low overnight that temperatures are struggling to come up."

However, delivery companies will be striving to make sure as many deliveries as possible can be completed. The Road Haulage Association's spokesperson, Kate Gibbs added: "If the snow returns with the same ferocity as last week it is inevitable we will see delayed deliveries over the Christmas period."

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