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DHL crew to be stationed at Westfield full time

By: David Howells
15 November 2011

DHL looks set to permanently station some of its drivers at the Westfield Shopping Centre to provide logistics support to the 250 shops that take residence there.

Under the new agreement, DHL will have a team stationed full time at the shopping centre for five years.

The team's role at the centre will involve working with retailers and suppliers to ensure deliveries into the stores are properly executed, reports.

The plans will also include the creation of a consolidation platform earmarked to be built eight miles from the centre. This would enable retailers and suppliers to deliver stock 24 hours a day to a secure, manned warehouse.

The manning and running of the centre suggests that DHL may be looking not just at hiring drivers, but also back room staff to help assist with the sorting or operations. Not only will this platform make it easier for external supply chain drivers, but it will also reduce traffic into the centre by up to 80 per cent.

Speaking to, director of Westfield Stratford, John Burton, explained: "We have worked closely with DHL over the past 18 months to develop a solution to the logistical challenges facing the capital next summer and see the logistics consolidation offering as key to this.

"This project also allows us to support our environmental agenda, reducing road traffic movements around the centre while ensuring a seamless end to end supply chain product for participating retailers at Westfield Stratford City."

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