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DAF XF105 to include host of energy-saving features

By: Joe Elvin
25 November 2011

Staff at DAF Trucks have claimed that their new vehicle is the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly the company has ever produced.

The DAF XF105 includes a host of new features aimed at lowering fuel consumption and engine emissions and looks likely to benefit a host of logistics companies across the UK.

Included in the vehicle's Advanced Transport Efficiency (ATe) system is an engine idle shutdown, which automatically turns off the engine once it has been idle for five minutes in order to prevent any fuel from being wasted. Users can also force a 85km/h cap on their vehicle's maximum speed in order to help conserve fuel on long journeys.

Other features include a 12-speed AS Tronic automated manual gearbox and an MX engine brake, which enhances the braking system and reduces wear and tear.  

It is hoped that by utilising these features, logistics companies could save enough money to create more driving jobs in the future.

Although it remains to be seen whether other producers mimic these energy-saving features, it is believed that the vehicle will provide a major milestone in the world of energy-efficient HGVs. report that DAF have also made significant changes to the 12.9 litre engine at ratings up to and including 460hp in order to reduce both mechanical and thermal losses.

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