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Customer relations key to building a successful logistics brand

By: David Howells
25 May 2011

Transporting managers are being urged to consider including customer relations in their logistics training schemes order to boost the effectiveness of their business.

Customer relations experts have suggested that in utilising Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the logistics trade could see a real boost to both its interactions but also its efficiency.

Experts have claimed that in using autonomous CRM technology systems, businesses can ensure work carried out is to its maximum productivity but also make the analysing of consumer data easier and better, allowing the business to target specific areas or clients for new sales opportunities.

Speaking to Materials Handling World Magazine of what such a system could do for a business, CRM expert James Bogue explained, "Understanding what a new or existing customer wants can be the difference between profit and loss for a logistics firm.

"A firm might be transporting goods to one city for a client when another has mentioned a similar destination to a different member of the sales team who has failed to record it. As a result, a potential sale has been lost or the margins of the job have been poor. This impacts not only on the profitability of the job but the overall business."

Technology experts Aberdeen research also extolled the benefits of using customer relations technology, telling that such technologies, "are rapidly becoming critical enablers to Best-In-Class performance.

"These tools help bind sales and marketing to maximise the delivery of sales-ready leads from marketing to sales."

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