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Cumbrian drivers face difficulty over potholes

By: Deborah Bates
14 January 2011

Those working in logistics work through the Cumbria region may face difficulty in making their deliveries, as the local roads have been full of dangerous potholes as a result of the big freeze.

Many routes have been left dangerous to drivers, with pitted and cracked roads leaving many road markings unreadable to motorists. Local automotive expert, Ben Hodgson, spoke to the Cumbria News & Star about the situation.

"There are hardly any lines or road markings. People driving up from the Durdar road often don't realise they're on the wrong side of the road because there are no markings. There have been a lot of near misses," he claimed, adding: "We are now dealing with lots of broken suspension springs because of the state of Carlisle's roads."

Hodgson is not the only local concerned about the roads, with The Cumberland News citing a taxi driver from Workington, Ian Wilson. "There are load of problems with the roads now. There are some really deep pot holes: there's one outside the college in Lakes Road that throws you onto the other side of the road."

However residents are left puzzled over whether or not the local council has even noticed the damage, let alone if it intends to repair it. A spokesperson for the council confirmed: "We'll aim, where possible, to carry out permanent repairs at the first opportunity, instead of doing patch-up jobs where holes are filled temporarily and repaired permanently at a later date."

"Repairing winter damage on our roads will take some time and represents an increased budget pressure for us but we are already rising to the challenge."

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