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Councils could charge for disruptive roadworks

By: Ashley Curtis
22 August 2011

Digging charges could be imposed to firms who disrupt traffic during peak-time, according to BBC News.

Ministers are proposing that companies carrying out the roadworks should be paying councils to 'rent' the road space.

Proposals to charge businesses during busy times could force roadworks to only happen during the night time - a plan of action that could benefit those in driving jobs looking for a disruption-free route to their desired destination.

The Department of Transport has sent a guideline to councils considering the lane rental scheme, outlining how it could be implemented in their area.

As well as third-party utility companies being charged, councils are being urged to implement the system for their own works, with any revenue raised from the charges to "fund measures which could help to reduce future road work disruption."

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond sympathised with drivers who continue to get caught in roadworks, cited by The Express: "Everyone knows how frustrating it can be when you are sat in a traffic jam, unable to get to work or drop off the children at school because someone is digging up the road.

"This is why I am putting forward proposals which would incentivise utility companies and local authorities to carry out their works at times when they will cause the minimum disruption to the travelling public," he added.

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