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Commercial drivers are putting safety first

By: Elizabeth Smythe
24 February 2011

Fleet drivers are putting safety first, said a new poll, published on Response Source.

A survey carried out by The Fuelcard Company examined the use of devices and gadgets whilst driving, and found that many are choosing to put their needs and comfort behind that of road safety.

In a poll of 1,106 commercial drivers, the company found that satellite navigation was hailed by 42 per cent of drivers as the most important piece of technology in the driver's cab. 25 per cent said their hands-free kit was vital.

The remainder said their MP3 players, portable fans and heaters were essential while on a job.

The Fuelcard Company believed the results of the poll were encouraging, and suggested that: "Commercial drivers are taking legal restrictions on mobile phone use seriously and this indicates that responsibility for the recent rise in motorists using mobile devices behind the wheel does not lie with the fleet sector."

However, the fact that only 25 per cent and not 100 said their hands-free kit was most important, suggests further driver training could be needed to ensure all fleet drivers fully understand the dangers associated with using a mobile phone while driving. 

Jakes de Kock, managing director at The Fuelcard Company, said: "Despite tensions and economic difficulties in the fleet industry caused by rising fuel and operating costs, drivers' priorities are firmly with the safe completion of their journey, which is very encouraging."

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