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Cardiff bus station redevelopment delayed

By: Ashley Curtis
05 July 2011

Major roadworks at Cardiff's new bus station have been delayed until after the Olympics, reports Your Cardiff.

This should please those in driving jobs who were anticipating heavy delays in the area, which could have disturbed logistics routes through the region.

The Olympics have been cited as the reason to delay works, as the Millennium Stadium will be hosting a multitude of London 2012 football matches.

The council don't want the area to be a "building site" during one of the world's biggest spectacles, so have managed to put off roadworks until after the games.

Lessons have been learned since the 2010 Ryder Cup debacle, in which disruptive works hindered travel on Castle Street during the event. Consultation with residents and businesses around the area will take place in order to quell disruption, putting the controversial Castle Street as a thing of the past.

Cardiff Council's Lisa Ford hopes that the delayed scheme will eventually boost travel in the city, cites Wales Online: "Works are not planned to commence until after August 2012 to allow Olympics events to take place at the Millennium Stadium."

"By 2014, we want to see 50 per cent of people travelling to work by sustainable transport on a daily basis," she added.

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