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Car thefts decreased in 2010

By: Elizabeth Smythe
16 June 2011

Car thefts have continued to dramatically drop according to figures released by the police and motor insurance industry today, those in driver recruitment may be interested to learn.

Proving that recent vehicle crime deterrents are working, a total of 107,000 cars were stolen in 2010, most of which were cars over three years old. Transport correspondent, Richard Scott told BBC News that "unless criminals can get their hands on keys, new cars are all but impossible to steal." 

This is in comparison with 119,000 thefts in 2009 and 143,000 in 2008. 20 years ago, this figure was closer to 600,000.

Commenting on the statistics, Andrew Miller of motor insurance repair research firm, Thatcham, said to The Independent that the positive results were: "mainly due to the incredible improvements to a raft of security systems including alarms, locks, immobilisers, toughened glass and tracking devices." 

The announcement has coincided with the annual British Insurance Vehicle Security Awards, where Volkswagen were crowned the winning manufacturer, followed by Audi and Volvo. Vauxhall won the award for top van manufacturer.

The most secure individual cars were the Audi A1, for best city car, the Volvo C30 for best small family car and the Citroen C5 Exclusive for the best family car.

Speaking on behalf of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Paul Everitt said: "Car and van manufacturers take vehicle security very seriously and strive to stay one step ahead of criminals.

"The sustained reduction in the number of vehicle thefts demonstrates the progress that has been made and today's awards reflect the high priority security continues to have for all vehicle manufacturers."

Mr Miller continued: "We are doing everything possible to crack down on car crime. Now it is the motorist's responsibility to drive down vehicle theft."

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