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CILT welcomes budget fuel cuts

By: David Howells
24 March 2011

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) has welcomed the new budget measures after it extensively lobbied the chancellor George Osborne to cap fuel duty.

In the run up to the budget announcement, CILT sent a letter to the chancellor, asking for him to give serious consideration to those in logistics work when the makes his budget announcement.

It seems the chancellor listened to their pleas, and in his budget cut the price of petrol and diesel by 1p per litre and the postponed the planned 4p rise until 2012.

Following the announcement, logistics managers offered their support to George Osborne for acknowledging their struggles at a time when most other costs are on the rise.

"It is clear that the current economic conditions will continue to impact us all," Gordon Scott, managing director of a logistics firm told Logistics Manager, "but in the face of rising costs and uncertain market conditions it is reassuring to see that the government has acknowledged the critical impact that rising fuel prices can have on businesses and the public alike."

CILT's chief executive Steve Agg told, "This step will assist hard pressed freight and passenger transport operators who have struggled with the consequences of the higher fuel prices resulting from the 35 per cent increase in the price of oil over the last five months.

"This cut in duty will help to contain increases in transport costs and their contribution to inflation."

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