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CILT calls for recognition of "unsung heroes" of winter driving work

By: William Hobson
10 December 2010

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) have called for public recognition for how driving jobs are made much more onerous by the adverse weather conditions of winter, particularly as drivers struggle to carry out the logistics work essential to the holiday season.

As reported by Materials Handling World Magazine, CILT has asked for the public to show understanding and support for commercial drivers on the road during the disruptions of winter. Whilst many may feel that commercial driving work is secondary to personal motoring during the holiday period, CILT points out that without the work of lorry operators and hard-pressed drivers, shops, offices and homes would soon fall short of goods and services.

Speaking to the magazine, CILT chief executive Steve Agg said that he was not surprised that "some road users become frustrated at the sight of a lorry that has become trapped in the snow resulting in difficulties for other vehicles."

He goes on however to note that this situation is certainly not one that lorry driver's wanted to happen - but that unfortunate disruptions to essential logistics work are unavoidable in the conditions. 

"We must all realise the incredibly important job which that lorry, and it's driver, are trying to do - delivering the goods and services, food and drink, and essential supplies that we all rely upon every day of the year, come rain or shine, or in this case, snow and blizzards," says Agg.

"I appeal to other road users, residents and pedestrians to appreciate the potential problems of driving a heavy goods vehicle in this difficult environment and to exercise patience and tolerance of their potential difficulties."


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