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Budget to bring relief to logistics and transport firms

By: Deborah Bates
23 March 2011

The Budget set out by chancellor George Osborne today should have brought some relief to drivers throughout the nation, including those in logistics companies jobs.

During the announcement of the new Budget, Osborne confirmed that the planned one-pence fuel duty rise has been crapped, and in fact duty on fuel will drop by one pence instead.

This has brought bringing great news for each logistics consultancy up and down Britain. Furthermore, a fair fuel stabiliser has been introduced; meaning any rises in duty relating to inflation will be delayed until at least April 2012 - after which the annual inflation rise will be re-implemented.

According to The Daily Mail, officials from the Treasury have been desperately seeking a way in which to keep fuel prices fair for Brits during times of significantly high oil prices. Earlier this year, plans for a fuel stabiliser seemed like a non-starter; however it has now been confirmed they will be resurrected.

It is thought that whilst making his statement, Osborne said: "It's about doing what we can to help with the high cost of living and the high cost of oil."

"The fuel duty escalator, that adds an extra penny on top of inflation every year will be cancelled," the chancellor added, cited on BBC News. 

A spokesperson for the RAC, Professor Stephen Glastier, spoke out about the news; claiming: "Thirty-four million drivers will welcome this, as will hauliers."

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