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Brits want 20mph limit outside schools

By: Elizabeth Smythe
16 August 2011

The majority of motorists think that speed limits outside British schools should be reduced to 20 miles per hour, reports

A survey carried out by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) of some 4,000 people, found 67 per cent agreed that slower limits should be imposed, those hiring drivers may be interested to learn.

Additionally, 38 per cent felt that the same 20 mph restriction should be applied in community areas, such as near shops and parks.

However, it would appear there is a "not in my back yard" mentality among many motorists. When asked whether they would like a low speed limit enforced in their own street, potentially via speed bumps and cameras, 39 per cent disagreed.

Commenting on the results, Kevin Delaney, head of road safety at the IAM, told "The IAM supports the selective use of 20 mph speed limits where there is clear evidence that the risk of casualties will be reduced."

Continuing via, Mr Delaney referred to the lack of enthusiasm for street restrictions: "Blanket 20 mph speed limits or limits at inappropriate sites risk widespread disregard by drivers who do not recognise a necessity for them. Consultation with, and buy in from, local people here is essential."

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