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All-female shortlist for CILT manager award

By: Deborah Bates
23 August 2011

An all-female shortlist has been announced for the Young Manager of the Year award, which is given to individuals by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT).

Celebrating hard-working professionals within transport and logistics work - a sector which is typically dominated by males - it seems the award this year will be given to a deserving female.

Choosing between finalists Zoe Pickering, Rachel Beeken and Lucy Parker, CILT's judges will have to decide who has proven themselves to be Britain's best young manager.

The shortlist is good news for the industry, confirmed, as employers across the nation are working together to improve diversity amongst the sexes within the workplace.

The publication also cited the comments of CILT's CEO, Steve Agg, who stated: "We are increasingly seeing greater involvement from women at all levels...Now, to our delight, we find that the shortlist for the CILT Young Manager of the Year award is entirely made up of women.

"I very much hope this will service as an example and stimulus to women already working in our industry...There are exciting and rewarding opportunities for females in this sector," he concluded on

The three ladies will battle it out at the official awards ceremony on October 20th, which is set to be a glittering event for all involved in the industry.


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