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  1. 04 March 2011 Cameron hints at change to fuel duty

    Category: Industry News

    David Cameron has made a commitment to sharing some of the benefits realised by the governm... more...

  2. 04 March 2011 Ocado struggling to cope with demand

    Category: Industry News

    Ocado could potentially boost its logis... more...

  3. 01 March 2011 Hauliers need support from government to go green

    Category: Industry News

    Hauliers need support from the government to go green, according to the Freight Transport Associ... more...

  4. 28 February 2011 Logistics research lab developed

    Category: Industry News

    A "future logistics living lab" is being built to undertake research into developing the logisti... more...

  5. 25 February 2011 Logistics companies are serious about the environment

    Category: Industry News

    Those working for transport companies, such as a more...