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60-tonne lorries could soon populate Britain's roads

By: Laura Nineham
01 February 2011

Recently leaked documents have revealed that proposals from the EU could mean that the country's roads might be populated by 60-tonne lorries.

According to The Daily Mail, the massive juggernauts could be introduced in a bid to 'harmonise' lorry weights across Europe. That's because many countries in the continent already have 60-tonne lorries, and some are pressing for 90-tonne ones.

"The EU is set to steamroller bigger and heavier lorries into Britain, whatever UK ministers might say," commented Stephen Joseph from the Campaign for Better Transport. "They simply won't have the power to stop them. The government is caving in to European pressure for new big juggernaut lorries. The EU is forcing heavier lorries on our roads."

However, those in driving jobs aren't so against the move. Jack Semple from the Road Haulage Association said they would be more sensible. "The safety-conscious Swedes have been using 60-tonners for five decades," he said. "Some member states - Finland and Sweden - want harmonisation at the maximum currently allowed in any part of the EU - which means 60-tonne road trains at 25.25 metres."

The plans would allow maximum weights to be transported across the continent without concerns of discrepancies between weight allowances preventing the juggernauts from entering Britain.

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