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18-year-old granted HGV license

By: Deborah Bates
07 March 2011

An 18-year-old apprentice from Worcestershire was granted his HGV licence, making him one of the UK's youngest people to pass the tests required to obtain such a licence.

According to, teenager Harry Hoult already worked for an HGV company in Stourport-on-Severn when he obtained his licence, shortly after passing his regular car driving test.

Hoult has worked for the company for a while, and is now working on an apprenticeship, in conjunction with the North East Worcestershire College. This should set him in good stead for taking on any driving jobs he wishes to in the future.

Hoult spoke to the press about his achievement, claiming: "It's something to be proud of - I'm just happy."

"I've done my theory test for ropes, hazard perception, all my Highway Code, then the practical driving tests at Wolverhampton," Hoult told BBC News.

The director of the company that employs Hoult, Dean Livingstone, also spoke out about Hoult's new-found status, claiming it was "a real achievement" for someone so young to be awarded with the certificate of Professional Competency.

Livingstone confirmed the complexity and depth of the testing required to gain the certificate: "The new legislation for drivers is to make sure the driver is competent to take out a loaded vehicle."

"[It covers] anything from illegal immigrants, safety of the vehicle checks, your driving hours - anything that relates to driving safely."

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