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Analogue tachos to be phased out?

By: Dave Robbins
23 July 2012

The European Parliament has tabled an amendment to tachograph regulations that could see analogue tachographs disappear by 2020. However, as all new ‘in-scope’ goods vehicles have been fitted with digital tachographs since 2006, industry commentators are of the opinion that, if this measure did became law, it would only have a small impact on operators.


What would be more problematic however, would be the introduction of a common-type digital tachograph, another suggestion which the European Parliament has tabled for discussion. If this became a requirement, it would leave many operators with a logistical and costly nightmare as vehicles were taken off the road for retrofitting.


Of course, both measures have only been tabled for discussion and that could be as far as they go. Look no further than a suggested amendment to tachograph regulations that would have seen the amalagamation of drivers’ cards and licences: this has recently been vetoed out by the European Commission.


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