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All HGV drivers will have to renew LGV licence

By: Joe Elvin
03 April 2012

Bus and lorry drivers will have to renew their LGV licence every five years regardless of their age from January 2013.

The new regulation, introduced by the Department for Transport earlier this week, aims to ensure that everyone in driving jobs maintains an acceptable standard of driving throughout their career.

However, only those over 45 will have to undergo a medical in order to get their licence renewed.

Speaking to, DVLA chief executive Simon Tse agreed that the changes would have a positive impact on Britain's roads.

He said: "These changes will provide a useful additional reminder for lorry drivers. They will help to ensure that drivers of these vehicles will continue to operate to high levels of safety by ensuring that they are fit to drive."

Many young drivers may now feel an additional need to engage in driver training, even after having gained their licence, to ensure they remain fit enough to have their licence renewed. Previously, only those over 45 had to renew their licence once they had gained it.

According to, the government have also adjusted laws relating to driving instructors, trailers and motorcycle licences. 

From January 2013, driving instructors will be subjected to stricter training, trailers will be limited to a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes and motorcyclists will have to wait until they are 24 to ride the most powerful bikes.

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